News from ESC

3 June 2021

We’ve just received two pieces of news from ESC (Errwood Sailing Club)
First, as some of you may have noticed, the new roof on the clubhouse has been finished. This was achieved with the help of a grant from the South West Peak Heritage Fund and the National Lottery, so thanks to them.
Second, we can now benefit from the new roof by using the clubhouse and the changing rooms, thanks to an easing in the Covid restrictions. Safe distancing still applies. I quote from the ESC’s message:
“The club house is open with a limit of 30 people. People are encouraged to wear face masks while entering and moving about.
The changing rooms are open but sailors are encouraged to minimise their use and still change at home or in the car park if possible. There is a limit of 4 people changing in the male changing room and 3 in the female one as it is smaller. Clothing should not be left in the changing room and the lockers should not be used.
The toilets are open but should still be used on a one in one out basis.
The site limit is raised to 100”
For sailors, also read paddlers.
Finally, Peak Paddlers members can join ESC weekend sessions, if we book places through their “Eventbrite” system. If you contact I’ll try and explain what to do.